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The world's best paint for furniture!  Start painting with no stripping, sanding or priming. We carry all 31 paint colors, books, waxes and brushes.  French Country, Cottage Chic, Old World Antique, Family Heirloom looks are easy and fun, no painting experience necessary!

Just Paint takes pride in our wide selection of Annie Sloan quality products. We are committed to having every active Paint Color in stock.  Our shipments can be delivered to you within  

3-5 business days

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint Colors

Select your favorite color from Annie Sloan and Just Paint! VT will ship it to you -

Barcelona Orange

Apply dark wax & the tone changes to an earthy burnt orange.

Chateau Grey

It is a wonderful foil for hotter colors such as Arles.


A soft, creamy grey brown like the fur of a Siamese Cat.

Country Grey

A soft putty color, a perfect neutral!  

Antibes Green

Cool green, The color of the French Riviera.  


Antoinette is a more of a soft neutral than a clear pink.


The color of sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh

Aubosson Blue

A rich, medium blue named for the Central French town of Aubusson,

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A yellowy, buttery cream; it looks good enough to eat!

Duck Egg

A soft eggshell blue with hints of teal.  


A confident purple like ripe wine grapes

Emperor’s Silk

Rich, clear red like the lining of a Chinese robe.

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It is much like the semi-precious stone, malachite, with its dazzling saturated color.

French Linen

That elusive khaki grey of old French furniture.  


Not quite black; soft and matte.

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Greek Blue

A warm, exuberant blue reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea,



A sophisticated lilac; Henrietta is soft and pleasing alone and gains complexity when paired with other colors.  

Louis Blue

An almost luminous blue, Louis Blue is a soft pastel that adds a graceful note to any room

Napoleonic Blue

A confident deep blue-not quite navy.

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Old Ochre

A sun warmed color like weathered stucco.  


Old Violet

A restrained purple, Old Violet gives even the plainest piece of furniture more importance.  dazzling saturated color.

Old White

A magical soft white that gives instant provenance to any object or surface.  


A mossy soft green with hints of earth.

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Paloma is a soft nuetral, like the slanting sun on an old stone wall. Sea,


Paris Grey

Not quite grey, not quite blue- the color of Paris on a cloudy day. gains complexity when paired with other colors.  

Primer Red

A grounded brownish red as found in earth rich in red ochre. graceful note to any room


A happy, sun kissed color named for Provence in the south of France.

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Pure White

Pure White can also be used to alter other Chalk Paint colors- just experiment!


Scandinavian Pink

 Faded Brick. Often seen in Swedish interiors and furniture. dazzling saturated color.



A soft green with a hint of a once gilded patina.   


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English Yellow

A lovely, clear, non-earthy yellow.  Nice with Antibes Green  



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